Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

A commitment to diversity and inclusion are fundamental tenets at Atthis Arts, LLC. Our company is founded on the strength of an author’s individual voice and the strength of those diverse voices coloring artistic spaces.

As a company, we affirm our commitment to respect and support writers and readers of all genders, orientations, attractions, races, ethnicities, backgrounds, abilities, and bodies. We support people of different religions and of no religion. We reject oppression and supremacy. We support and respect individual ethics, causes, politics, and viewpoints, except those promoting intolerance counter to our tenets.

In order to balance these ideals against the voice of the author, works that we publish may contain content that some find problematic. We continue to ask contributors to consider how their writing and messages may impact others. For our anthologies, we will do our best to enforce a “no harm” policy, rejecting content that is negative toward any of the above groups.

We are always interested in amplifying voices from underrepresented groups, and as a submitting author you are welcome to, but not asked to, let us know how that applies to your writing.

As for species and non-human treatment, while the owner is a committed pro-intersectional vegan, she recognizes that other viewpoints and lifestyles are still in the mainstream of our global society, and so while content from E.D.E. Bell will be dedicated to these ideals as well as the reduction of leveraging violence for entertainment, we do not generally exclude content from contributing authors based on these issues.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at

Diamondsong live on Kickstarter!

Diamondsong is an epic fantasy tale about power and identity, released as a series of ten novellas. Read the details of this fun new series by E.D.E. Bell on the Kickstarter Page.

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As Told By Things: Unique, Fun Anthology

Our anthology, As Told by Things, will be on Kickstarter in March. We hope you’ll stay tuned to order and enjoy this light, fun, and quirky collection of short stories and flash fiction told from the perspective of inanimate objects.

While the initial submissions period is closed, we are still accepting submissions for a limited number of spots. We welcome your unique and creative submission! Please see attached guidelines.

Welcome to the new Atthis Arts Webpage!

Welcome to our new webpage! We did this site ourselves — so if you see anything that isn’t working, shoot us an email at — and we’ll give you a shout-out in our next update 🙂