: Voiceless Duology #2

Adelaide Te Ngawai was twenty-two when Maunga Richards found her prison.

The Scattered Bond

: Shkode Book Three

With the world on fire and the ground crumbling around them, Cor, Atesh, and Jwala struggle to make sense of the lost magic and find something, or someone, else to help them survive.

When They Come True

: Anna's Nightmare #2


: Voiceless Duology #1

Adelaide Te Ngawai was thirteen when Maunga Richards stole her voice.

Foreverafter: An Odd Adventure, Part One: Crash Landers

: An Odd Adventure #1

Audrey (she prefers Odd) lives in a perpetual state of boredom. She tries to keep busy with small jobs around town and by listening to stories of adventure from a boy in the travelling circus—her only friend Kite. But Odd has always had one thought in her head: I want to go on my own adventure.

The Fettered Flame

: Shkode Book Two

The Fettered Flame is a genre-bending fantasy novel that continues the saga of two dying worlds, plagued by their own unique struggles for power. Follow the journeys of Cor – a woman striving to understand her powers of magic and how the connect to her past, Atesh – her contemplative dragon companion, and Jwala – a dragon plunged into a rebirth of ancient ideals. The Fettered Flame is the second installment in the Shkode trilogy: a quirky and modern take on dragons and wizards, exploring themes of identity, prejudice, violence, compassion, and the ways we are all connected.

When They Come Calling

: Anna's Nightmare #1

Physician Anna Roberts runs a free health clinic in Kansas City where she spends her days taking care of the living and avoiding the spirits of the dead.

The Banished Craft

: Shkode Book One

A world, split into two. Dragons. Humans. Each believe the other is a myth. In a world where women are not allowed to read, live alone, or pursue knowledge, Cor comes across a secret society who predicted the devastation that humankind can no longer ignore. A world away, Atesh studies a mysterious plant, determined to discover what is destroying his home and dragonkind with it. Cor and Atesh must each decide – what will they sacrifice to give their world a chance to survive?

The Taking of Stonecrop

: Spireseeker (Novella)


As family and friends are taken from their midst and turned to a life of mindless devotion to their new Master, the creatures of Fayen begin to lose hope. But none of this suffering has reached the peaceful island where Beryl lives with her grandparents. Then when a calm fall afternoon is interrupted by a brutal attack on her family, Beryl is forced to flee the only home she’s ever known. As she travels, Beryl discovers who, and what, she really is and how the fate of the world may depend on her own.