About Indie Publishing

About Indie Publishing

Atthis Arts, LLC is an independent publisher that is looking to provide authors a means to indie publish without having to self-manage aspects like crowd-funding, editing, typesetting, printing, sales, etc. We support open dialogue on challenging issues and are interested in writers of diverse viewpoints.

So you want to be an indie author? We think that’s awesome.

From executive editor (and author) E.D.E. Bell

The first time I tried to arrange a book signing for my first novel, I approached the big local bookstore. They held frequent book signings, and living down the road, I thought they’d be thrilled to support a local artist. “Oh, yes, we do like to do that,” she said, trailing into a mutter.

“So what do I do?” I asked.

She smiled. “Come back when you’re published,” she responded before walking away.

Now, truth told, I still want to Pretty Woman this lady. But, realistically, there are some things you need to know about being an indie author:

  • There is a stigma.
  • The stigma exists because not all indie manuscripts are vetted the way that the traditional ones are. So some are not so great.
  • You won’t have access to the big stores or the big distributors or the network of big authors. This makes everything an additional struggle, and we can’t make you any big promises about exposure.
  • Man, it still feels good to reject the System. And there is also a myth that traditionally-published authors love that System. Many don’t.
  • Also good news – indies network like there’s no second chapter. So there’s a home for you here. If you’re ready to work.

So if you’re thinking of applying to an indie publisher like Atthis Arts – know that we want you to have the same quality manuscript and put the same amount of work into editing it (not just line edits, but sometimes tearing it up when you need to) as a traditionally-published author. This is especially important if this is your first novel. It’s not as solid as you think it is. This is universally true. As my cousin Rita says, even editors have editors. So If you’re thinking that indie publishing is an easier way to get your already mostly perfect book out there, that’s not the right reason and you might need to take a step back.

But – if you’re writing something different, something unique – something not mainstream or certain enough for the traditional publishers, then this is just why we exist and why we are interested. Especially if you’re writing with an edge, discussing important issues, or providing much-needed representation, either from your own background or through your characters. Every indie author needs to find that difficult balance between not being indulgent about things that really need to change and knowing when to artistically stand your ground. We’re willing to find that balance together if you’re willing to give us your trust and open mind.

We would be honored to take a look at your manuscript. We know that it’s your heart in a file. We honor and revere it. As you do.

Still interested? Keep reading.

Submit Your Manuscript

Atthis Arts is currently accepting submissions for all genres except Romance, Erotica, and Horror. We welcome non-fiction as well as fiction.

If you would like Atthis Arts to consider publishing your work, please send an email to submissions@atthisarts.com. Please include the following in your email query:

  • Short synopsis of your submission
  • 300-500 word sample
  • Links to your social media, blog, online presence.

We will respond within 7 days to let you know if we would like to further consider publishing your title.